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Annual River Valley High School Senior Scholarship

Three Oaks, Michigan

Devin Alexander

Devin Alexander 2018.jpg

Annual Michael J. Brown "Brownie" Community Service Award

River Valley High School

Three Oaks, Michigan

2018/2019 School Year

Sid Jewell

Community Service Award 2018-2019 School

Flag Day Brownie Memorial Poker Run Winners

Best Poker Hand - Ron Patzer

(Winnings Donated Back to Memorial Fund)


2nd Best Poker Hand - Danny Bell

Worst Poker Hand - Lou Rodriguez

(Brownie's T-Shirt)

Thank You for Your Support!

Registration 2018.JPG
Riders 2018.JPG
Bikes 2018.JPG
Millers 2018.JPG
Coach Patzer 2018.JPG
Check In 2018.JPG
Barry 2018.JPG
Biker 2018.JPG
Car 2018.JPG
NB Stop 2018.JPG
Stop 2018.JPG
Rider 2018.JPG
Poker Run 2018.JPG
LP Stop 2018.JPG
LP Stop 2 2018.JPG
Poker Hand 2018.JPG
Parade 2018.JPG
Horses 2018.JPG
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